Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Bucket List

I've been meaning to document my family bucket list for sometime, but for whatever reason never got around to it. Some of the things on my list are activites my family enjoys doing ever year (marked with an *), there are also activites on my list that we've done with Benjamin and not Hayden (I'm putting them back on the family bucket list).

A friend recently wrote asking for ideas stating "you tend to have good ideas for kids activities"; I figured since I wrote her a list, I might as well jot them on here. I was honored that she felt she could ask me for ideas, especially when I wonder from time to time if my boys are getting enough "adventure" in there life.

Hershey Gardens
Lancaster Airport air show-August 20-21, 2011
Sandy Point State Park or North Point
Sesame Place
Lake Tobias
Tucquan Glen*
Gifford Pinchot*
Baltimore Aquarium
Port Discovery
Please Touch Musuem*
Smith Kids Play Place
Family bike ride on the Lancaster (E-town) Lebannon trail*
Long's Park petting zoo*
Hershey Adventure Sports
Landis Valley Museum
Toy Train Museum*
Train Musuem*
Strasburg Railroad*
Schreiber Pediatric Rubber Duckie Race
Renaissance Faire *
Columbia Bridge Bust
Philadelphia Zoo
Washington Zoo
Visit Philadelphia
Visit New York
Visit Washington DC
Visit Arizona- I want the boys to see where their mommy grew up :)
The Caribbean- The boys can experiance beautiful crystal clear blue water
Mini Golf
Whitaker Center
Lancaster Science Factory
Disney World
Central Market
Hayride & Corn Maze