Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's Been Happening

It’s been forever since I updated; I’ve been very busy and when I finally have time to sit down in front of my computer…well, that’s the last thing I want to do!

After approximately 2 1/2 years working M-F 5am-10am, then being unemployed (laid off) for 11 months, I was fortunately to find an employer hiring in my field and began working full time on February 14th. For the most part I enjoy my job, like any place of employment there are small things that can slowly irritate an employee; I quickly realized, though I greatly cherished my SAHM time with my children, I am not a long term SAMH! However, now that the weather is FINALLY getting nice and we have a pool pass I’m finding myself longing to be outside with my boys instead of cramped up inside.

With staring a new job I don’t officially get vacation days (two weeks) until my one year anniversary in February, however after my six month anniversary I’m allowed to borrow a week. We decided to forgo the family week vacation this year in order to save as many days for 2012 (I’m hoping we can go to Kingston, Canada or Savannah, Georgia where my brother-in-law is stationed); I/we decided however to take two days off this year. We’re going to Sesame Place the end of August and the other day is so I can be present for Benjamin’s first day of preschool.

We’re all doing well, John’s EXTREMELY busy with firefighter training course classes (after four years of talking about it, he finally volunteered with the local fire company); I became a member of the support group (auxiliary) and joined the local Rec Center. We’re spending a lot of time at our local community pool and playing outside every minute possible…overall just crazy busy! I've been doing special activities/adventures with the boys while John's in class, it keeps them busy and from driving me batty ;) .

Benjamin had pink eye three weeks ago, poor little guy woke up freaked out because his eye was “glued shut”; John took him to the doctor ASAP. Big brother Benjamin lovingly shared his pink eye with Hayden a week later, unfortunately the doctor wouldn’t just call in a prescription stating she needed to see Hayden to diagnose him herself, even after explaining multiple times that his brother had it the week prior and Hayd has the same symptoms…so yeah, we got screwed with a $$$ bill for two doctor visits.

Benjamin, who is three years old, 42” and 35 lbs, thinks his firefighting daddy is the coolest thing ever, “daddy’s my hero!” Ben baby loves to hang out at the fire station, sit in the trucks and go for rides. He started Swim America classes over the winter and I’m thrilled to say they are paying off, Benjamin is able to swim; he swims 8-10 feet underwater and the doggie paddle! Benjamin starts preschool on August 29th, I’m excited for him to begin this new chapter but incredibly sad that my first born is old enough to be a preschooler.Benjamin is inquisitive as ever, he enjoys taking things apart, putting them together, everything is hands on with him, wants to know how everything works and a total outdoors boy. Benjamin has also taken to photography, he loves to carry around Leap Frog Click n' Create Digital Camera and take pictures. He’s been helping me with our vegetable garden and with minimal assistance, I allowed him to pick out flowers, dug his very own flower garden under our deck stairs (we have a daylight basement) and plant the flowers however he chose. God has been working through Benjamin to reach me, out of the blue Benjamin started asking to go to church; thanks to my little man we’ve become regular attendees at church again.

Hayden, whose 21 months, 29lbs and 34 3/4”, has become my wild NO FEAR child…holy moley; he’s a three year old trapped in a one year olds body! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that big brother does, Hayden has to do, when I try to stop him- he’ll have a mother of all temper tantrums. He tries to jump into pools, plays soccer & football, climbs rock walls, counts to two, sings part of happy birthday and twinkle little star, bounces on beds and sofas, talks/babbles non-stop…I’m constantly looking at him and saying “really Hayden, really, you’re ONE!” Hayd transitioned into a big boy bed (toddler bed) about 2 months ago, we had no problems what so ever with the transition…he took right to his “new” bed; since the transition the boys have had sleepover in Hayden’s room. We decided not to enroll Hayden in Aqua Tots (sorry buddy, the joys of being a second child ;-P ), main reason is we figured could the techniques we learned from Benjamin’s classes and “do-it ourselves”; I’m thrilled he’s taken to water just as easily as his big brother…LOVE MY WATER BABIES! Hayd puts his head underwater, blows bubbles, floats on his back with very little adult contact and with the assistance of his Puddle Jumper, able to doggie paddle to wherever he wants to go.

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