Thursday, March 18, 2010

Handprint Lilies

Handprint Lilies
Family Fun If you haven't guess already, I LOVE this magazine!

White card stock
Green Construction Paper
Hole punch
Green Pipe Cleaner
Yellow pipe cleaner
Hot Glue

Have your child trace his hand onto a piece of white card stock (regular paper works too but isn't as durable) and cut out the shape. Cut two double leaves from green construction paper and punch holes in the centers where the leaves meet, as shown. Curl the paper fingers and leaves by wrapping them around a pencil.Wrap the hand around the top of a green plastic straw and secure it with tape. Slide the leaves onto the straw and tape them in place. For the flower's stamen, fold half of a yellow pipe cleaner in half and curl down the ends. Insert the folded end in the straw.

I used this activity for Valentine's Day. I traced my toddler's hand, ran off copies of the print. I created Valentine labels/tags on the computer and had my toddler paint and glitter the back. Finished product to the right.

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