Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Begins!

Magic Pumpkin Seeds
Preschool Rainbow

Pumpkin Seeds
Small Pumpkins


While your children aren't paying attention, decorate pumpkins and seeds with glitter.

Take kids outside, hand each child a pumpkin seed and inform them the seeds are magical. Make up a dance (we jumped on one foot and spun around in a circle) and have them toss the seed onto the ground. Give each child a small amount of glitter, explain that it's magic sparkles; if they sprinkle the "magic sparkles" on the seeds while saying the magic words, "bippity boppity boop", tomorrow when they wake there will be a surprise waiting for them.

After your children go to bed, gather the seeds up and put small pumpkins in their place.

Magical pumpkins and seeds

Magical pumpkins

"bippity boppity boop"

Magical seeds "planted"

Acorn or Marble Leaf Painting
Suite 101

Large sheets of paper
Paint– fall colors such as orange, red, yellow, brown
Large box, box top or container at least 1 inch deep and large enough (a box lid from a box of copy paper works well)
Spoons– one for each color of paint
Acorns, nuts or marbles

Cut out large leaf shapes from the large sheets of paper. Place one leaf shape in the box. Spoon a bit of different colored paint into each of the four corners of the box. Preschoolers place an acorn or marble into the box. Preschoolers hold the box and move the box around so that the acorn or marble rolls into the paint and across the leaf shaped paper. Allow children to decide how long they want to continue painting with the acorn or marble.

Autumn Leaves
Hello, Cupcake!

*Melted chocolate is HOT; little helpers need to use caution!*

Maple Leaves
1 cup Orange Candy Melting Wafers
1 cup Green Candy Melting Wafers
1 Cup Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers

Wash the maple leaves with warm water and pat dry on paper towels. Line several cookie sheets with wax paper. Place the orange candy, green candy and milk chocolate melting wafers into separate microwavable bowls. Microwave each bowl separately, stirring occasionally, until the candy is smooth, about 1 minute. Using a small, clean craft brush or your fingertip, paint spots in the 3 different colors of melted candy in an even layer (not too thin) over the top side of each leaf. While the candy is still wet, swirl the colors slightly to blend. Place the leaf on one of the collie sheets, coated side up. Repeat with the remaining leaves. If the candy becomes too thick, reheat in the microwave for several seconds, stirring frequently. Place the cookie sheets in the refrigerator until the candy is set, about 5 minutes. Carefully peel the leaves from the hardened candy. They come off surprisingly easily. Use a toothpick or clean tweezers to remove any small pieces of leaf that may remain. The leaves can be made up to 5 days in advance, covered and kept in a cool dry place.

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