Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scoop up Some Ice Cream

Scoop up Some Ice Cream
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Construction Paper

1. To make the cones, cut brown triangles.
2. To make the scoops of ice cream, choose four colors. Cut circles from each piece of paper.
3. To make the cherry, cut small round circles.

Make a Picture
Glue the cones to a piece of paper. Glue the scoops of ice cream on the cones. put the cherry on top of the ice cream cones. Use crayons or small pieces of paper to add sprinkles.

Make a Game
Place 16 scoops in a bag. Give each player a cone. Take turns drawing a scoop from the bag. If you draw a flavor that you don't have, add it to your cone. If you draw a flavor that you already have, return the scoop to the gag and pass the bag to the next player. The first player to scoop up all four flavors gets wins.

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