Monday, August 16, 2010

Teething Relief

At nine months my baby boy has a whopping ZERO teeth! While I don’t see or feel any bumps in his mouth, he’s been less smiley, slightly fussy, sucks/gums on anything and everything (including our family dog)and my poor little guy has a horrible diaper rash. All these signs lead me to believe that teeth are in his near future. *Sigh* I’m going to miss his adorable toothless smile; I guess its part of accepting the fact my baby is closer to being a toddler then an infant.

Yesterday morning a light bulb came on, Hayden is a thumb sucker and we ended up with a lot of unwrapped but unused pacifiers; I decided to try a little “science experiment”. I filled a bowl with water, took a bunch of Nuks (and Soothies), squeezed the pacifier end under the water to fill and placed them in the freezer. Hayden doesn’t like pacifiers but he’s digging the “frozen” Nuk.

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