Saturday, October 9, 2010

3rd Birthday Party

{sigh} My first born is the big 0-3; I found myself drifting back to October 2, 2007, going through the motions of that day in my mind. Two days after Benjamin turned 3 my husband and I quickly noticed our toddler was “changing”, he’s testing boundaries every chance he gets and we’ve had to come up with new ways to discipline (horrendous 3's is an understatement). Though my little man has become a little rebel, I’m enjoying his newfound cuddliness; which somewhat makes it easier to swallow walking into his bedroom to discover he had torn down his wallpaper boarder, bullying his baby brother, talking back, peeing on a toy, snapping my wireless mouse/keyboard receiver in half, refusing to wear clothes…

I kept Benjamin’s 3rd birthday low key; invited a few family members and neighbors for cake, ice cream and munchies; when I started thinking about his birthday party he was going through a Curious George phase and choose that for his theme.

We started off the day with waffles served with grandma’s homemade strawberry jelly, topped with whip cream and a birthday candle. After breakfast we headed to Please Touch Museum; all four of us had a BLAST, thanks to my father-in-law for purchasing an “American Children’s Museum pass for the boys’ birthday we’ll be going back along with checking out other nearby museums. Though we could have spent more time at the Please Touch Museum we had to head home around 3:30pm for dinner and Benjamin’s party. For the party I made Monkey Mix, Monkey Munchie Cupcakes, punch (7up and Hawaiian punch mix), Circus Peanuts and chips. Oh- I found an AWESOME tip for making cupcakes to cut down on cake batter splatters and to allow your child to help; cut a 1/4"-1/2" tip on a corner of a sandwhich bag (I used a clean squeezable container), place batter inside container and squeeze into each wrapper.

Birthday Invitation- Someone didn't want to participate in mommy's photo shoot.

Birthday Breakfast

Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum

Monkey Munchie Cupcakes

Awesome wrappers I found at the grocery store, Reynolds StayBrite

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