Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hayden's 1st Birthday

My bright blue eyed, smiling, giggling, sweet, adorable, 24 ½ lbs, 31” baby is officially a one year old walking toddler {sniff}. I can’t get over how quickly the last twelve months have flown by; it’s almost a blur. While Hayden is curious about everything and very observant, he’s just as cuddly at twelve months (sounds better then saying 1 year old, which I’m still in denial about) as he was at birth. As much as I hate seeing my children in pain, I have to admit I’m digging the late night teething wake-up calls and holding him close as he falls back to sleep in my arms; Hayden is totally a mommy’s boy, after a few minutes of being held by someone else he’s reaching is arms out to me, calling “mama” and when he’s upset daddy just isn’t good enough…only mommy can calm him ;).

Though parenting has its frustrating/overwhelming moments, I love being a mommy; watching Benjamin and Hayden play together always brings a small to my face. Benjamin can be a bit of a bully at times but there is no doubt in my mind he’d protect his baby brother if the situation ever arises; one of the first things Benjamin asks in the morning is “see Hayden”, and he’s constantly hugging and kissing his brother. Both my babies were playing soccer together last night (ending with a knot on Hayden’s forehead); watching them, I had an overwhelming feeling the boys will be very close and best friends.

Hayden’s birthday party was October 16th, a few days early to work with the grandparents’ schedules. I had a Halloween themed party for Hayden; I asked the kids to dress up in costumes and adults to wear festive shirts, also incorporated the theme in the decorations and food. I kept the menu fairly simple and prepared as much of the food as I could the day before; my husband grilled hot dogs, I set out a vegetable platter, chips, dips, salsa, candy corn, snack-o-lanern (recipe I used: 20 ounces can pineapple chunks, drained / "guts from oranges / 1 cup mini marshmallows / 1 cup coconut flakes / 1 jar marchino cherries / 8 oz Cool Whip) , punch (7up and Hawaiian punch mix) and apple cider. For Hayden’s smash cake I made a rainbow cake decorated like a jack-o-lantern and for the guests I made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting decorated with chocolate shaped bats.

I invited a lot of “older” kids to Hayden’s first party, to keep them occupied I purchased Halloween craft foam stickers from the Dollar Tree along with 9”x12” orange craft foam which I cut out in the shapes for pumpkins; I had the kids decorate their pumpkins with stickers & crayons. Benjamin and I made a pinata a week or two prior to Hayden’s birthday, I painted (kids don’t leave much free time to cover a piñata in crepe paper) the piñata like a jack-o-lantern; I filled it will popcorn balls, glow sticks, Halloween straws and miniature candy bars. For party favors I molded chocolate into Halloween shapes and gave the kiddos miniature pumpkins.

Almost all the decorations, plates, cups and utensils were purchased at the Dollar Tree; I made a photo banner of Hayden’s first year and blew up and strung balloons together the night before.

Hayden’s actually birthday was October 20th, I took the kids to Pine View Dairy for ice cream and pet the calves; when daddy came home from work it was off to play at the park and dinner and more fun at Chuck E. Cheese.


Birthday boy, he wouldn't wear the head piece to his bear costume

photo banner


Craft Foam pumpkin cut out and craft foam Halloween stickers


pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

rainbow cake

Molded chocolates

Mini pumpkins

Chocolate Bat Template

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