Sunday, May 9, 2010

Watering Can Greeting Card

Watering Can Greeting Card
Family Fun

Happy Mother's Day! I am truly blessed to have my awesome mom and wonderful boys; a special thank you to my dear loving husband for making me a mommy of two adorable, loving, happy, amazing... boys that are my everything!

I had a completely different Mother’s Day project in mind for my 2 ½ year old, however I failed to read the instructions beforehand (hey-it’s Mother’s Day, I’m allowed to mess up) and didn’t realize I needed 24 hours to do the project…onto plan B.

Silver card stock
Seed packet

Print this
watering can template on a piece of card stock. Cut out, let your child finger paint, glitter, markers, crayon…whatever his/her preference of the day is, then cut a horizontal slit across the front. Slip in a seed packet (add a piece of tape at the back to keep it in place), then write a message on the can.

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