Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Baking- Day 10

Holiday Baking- Day 10

A group of friends that I went to high school with have been getting together every year at Christmas since 1998; every so often we introduce a new tradition to the Christmas party. This year is the first annual golden spatula award (an inexpensive kitchen spatula spray painted gold), it was decided the golden spoon would be awarded for best Christmas cookies. Since the Christmas party is December 10th, my little helper Benjamin and I were busy baking today. Our recipes Peppermint Patties, Aut-yum Leaves (we used a Christmas tree cookie cutter instead of a leaf) and Coffee Spice Cookies.

Tomorrow the playgroup the boys are involved with is hosting a Christmas party, I volunteered to bring White Chocolate Cranberry Bread however we made muffins instead of loaves of bread.

*UPDATE- Benjamin and I won the golden spatula for the peppermint patty recipe!

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