Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shrinky Dinks- Day 4

Friday nights are pizza and movie night in our house; it completely slipped my mind that I needed to post the project of the least I have a good excuse, FAMILY TIME! :)

Shrinky Dinks- Day 4

Shrinky Dinks (I purchased ours at Five Below)

Draw or trace a picture onto the provided plastic (read Shrinky Dink direction) and color the picture with colored pencils. Cut out the colored pictures. If you want a hole in your Shrinky Dink, punch it through the plastic before you bake it. Remember that the hole shrinks a bit when it bakes, so make it large enough for your purposes. Place the cut outs on a clean cookie sheet with the colored side facing up. Ensure that the Shrinky Dinks don't touch each other on the pan. Bake the cut outs at between 300 and 325 degrees for approximately 3 minutes. Attach string and hang on Christmas tree.

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