Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rudolph and Co. Holiday Ornaments- Day 19

Rudolph and Co. Holiday Ornaments- Day 19
Family Fun

Craft glue
Craft sticks
Several shades of brown felt
Googly eyes
Red and brown pom-poms
Off-white felt

Glue 3 craft sticks together in a triangle, allowing some overlap on two corners for antlers, as shown. Glue 2 more craft sticks to the triangle, one on each side between the overlapped sticks, and let dry.

Next, glue a triangular piece of brown felt to the craft stick triangle and trim so the edges of the felt match up with the sticks. Glue on googly eyes, a pom-pom nose, brown felt triangle ears, and a small off-white felt triangle blaze to the reindeer's forehead. Add a loop of colorful ribbon on the back to hang this festive fauna.

Most of the projects are too difficult for Hayden, but he's been present
for majority of them...usually getting into "trouble" behind the scenes ;).

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