Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Treat for the Birds- Day 18

Holiday Treat for wild life- Day 18

Good way to get use up all that marshmallow know the kind your kids ate all the marshmallows but not the healthy stuff.
Plastic Needle-
I believe there called bone needles; they aren't sharp and won't puncture a young child.
It’s not very easy to string; we ended up just eating it ;)

Cut thread to desired length, tie a knot in one of the end and attach the needle to the other end. Start stringing cranberry and cereal one at a time by inserting the tip of the needle into the center of each piece. Keep sliding fodd further down on the thread making room for more; it's best to slide the cranberries and cereal to the end of the thread to prevent knots. Tie off the needle end, make sure that it is well-secured and then gently attach outside. I placed our cranberry-cereal garland on the fence along the back of our yard; it allows the squirrels and birds to enjoy their winter treat without creating a mess for me to clean up later ;).

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